Old Favorites, New Ways

Despite the fact that my weekend started Thursday night, it felt very short. Why is it that long weekends tend to go by more quickly? All I know is that Monday came too soon, and I was not ready for it.

This is what I wore to church yesterday, which ended up being a beautiful fall day. This is one of my favorite skirts, and I like how the cargo vest makes it a little more casual. I belted it to add some shape and kept the dressed-down vibe with my lace-up wedges.

As much as I love buying new clothes, it makes me (and my budget) happy that some of my older favorites still inspire me to try new combinations. 

Sweater: Gap; vest: Old Navy; skirt: Merona, Target; earrings: Bauble Bar; belt: Loft; shoes: Sam Edelman

How are you reworking some of your old closet favorites this season?

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