Dressed to Cheer

Every summer for as long as I've known him, my husband Aaron counts down the days until the start of his favorite season: college football season. I'm not kidding, he'll tell me, "21 days until the first college football game, Shea". And I try to get excited, I do. Somehow, though I just don't quite share his enthusiasm*.

However, while I may not want to watch EVERY college football game, you bet your bippy that when my alma mater, Kansas State, plays I'll be rooting them on. So when I learned the theme for today's Friday's Fancies at Long Distance Loving is "Football Frenzy" I had to put a look together honoring my K-State Wildcats. 

If I'm just watching the game at home with friends, I'll usually just wear jeans and K-State shirt. This look is a more work-appropriate (but still pretty casual) version of my weekend look. I'm ready to cheer on my cats as they take on the Oklahoma Sooners on Saturday!

Jean jacket: Gap; top: Daisy Fuentes, Kohl's; cords: Loft; necklace: Bauble Bar; shoes: Toms (shop my look below)

Who do you cheer for during football season?

*Funny story: One morning, when we were first dating, I woke up to Aaron looking at me seriously, saying "Shea...." He pauses, with a kid-at-Christmas look in his eyes, and I'm imagining that he's about to profess his undying love to me, or at least tell me something really sweet. Instead, he finishes his thought with "Happy College Game Day!" Not quite what I was expecting, but it did make me laugh. Oh, my sports-loving husband. I still tease him about that. I ought to wake him up one morning and say "Aaron... happy Fashion Week!"

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