Dinner Tonight: Kung Pao Inspired Chicken

Over the summer, one thing I did well was work out regularly. I went to Jazzercise 3 to 4 days a week, every week. However, any calories I burned I more than made up for by my less than stellar eating habits. (I blame Sheridan’s Frozen Custard and the Chipotle that just opened up down the street.)

Now that Aaron and I are getting back into regular work schedules (or as regular as subbing gets for me), I’m trying to cook and eat healthier meals. This recipe for Kung Pao Chicken that I found on the Tasty Kitchen blog was a delicious way to start this goal. It’s made with lean chicken breasts and lots of healthy veggies.

Typically, I’d be tempted to leave out the carrots and celery, but instead I swapped them with vegetables Aaron and I prefer, snap peas and red bell peppers. Yes, I lose some health points because it’s sautéed in oil, but everything in moderation, right? 

How are you eating healthier these days? 

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