Mint and Orange, but So Much More

I think I speak for most style bloggers when I say that I take more fashion risks now than I did in my pre-blogging years. (Except for that time in high school when I wore shiny hot pink snakeskin pants and dyed my hair a shade to match. We won’t talk about that time.)

For example, pre-blog Shea would have never thought to pair minty green with orange. Yet every day I’m inspired to try new things: new color combinations, new pattern mixes, new silhouettes. Getting dressed has never been a boring routine for me, but I have to say that I’m having more fun now than I ever have! (Again, I’m making an exception for those few months of pink hair. My hair hasn’t had that much fun in years.)

So, thank you blog world and loyal readers for helping me push my style boundaries. You rock my world.

T-shirt: Gap Outlet; shorts: Loft; sunglasses: Target (similar); necklace: Salt on the Rocks via Girl and Closet giveaway; belt: Loft; sandals: Steve Madden

Inspiration: this look from J's Everyday Fashion; #StyleMeAugust Day 15 Comfy Chic

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