See it. Like it. Do it. Kitchen Space Savers

Decorating is not one of my strengths. Decorating my home, I mean. When it comes to decorating myself it’s another story. I’m hoping that this is a problem that Pinterest can help me solve.

Believe me, home-d├ęcor posts will be a rarity here, but I wanted to share a mini makeover I did in my kitchen. I was inspired by an article on The Everygirl about styling kitchen countertops. Mine are habitually cluttered and disorganized, so anything I did would be an improvement. The best part is since I used items I already had, it was a free improvement.

In the space above the fridge (it was formerly just a dust collector) I filled a tray with platters, kitchen towels, and a candy dish. Additionally, I stacked a few favorite cookbooks and tucked a drink dispenser behind it. It may not be catalog-ready, but at least it’s no longer an eyesore!  

Next to my stovetop I used a cute cake stand (a recent garage sale find) to store my olive oil, salt, and pepper. I love this solution because it frees up more counter space. Also in this area I like to have a place for a cookbook, my cutting board, fruit (or garlic, onions, etc.), and a little basil from my plant. 

Do you have a favorite kitchen-organization tip? 
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