Brights with Navy and a Beauty Review

I know I just said that I was sick of shorts and t-shirts. But since yesterday was another triple-digit temperature day, comfort won out once again. The good news is that it might be cooling off a bit soon, so I may get some variety back in my wardrobe.

T-shirt: Target; shorts: Old Navy; earrings: Kohl's (similar); necklace: Dean Harris for Target; scarf: thrifted; shoes: Merona, Target

Thanks for sharing some of your frustrations yesterday to make me feel better! Today has been a better day; I got a couple of job leads and I no longer want to throw out all my shorts and tees. (I’m still ready to call it quits with my hair though.)

I recently started a series called “See it. Like it. Do it.” here on the blog to inspire me to try some of the things I find on other blogs and on Pinterest. This week I tried a couple of beauty products: ELF’s eye primer (seen on No Guilt Fashion) and Maybelline’s Dream Bouncy Blush in Peach Satin (seen on Style Within Reach). 

I’ve been using both products for a week now, with great results. The ELF eye primer helps my eye shadow stay on without creasing, which is exactly what I wanted it to do. The Maybelline blush feels like a cream but finishes more like a powder, which is a perfect balance for me. It’s easy to layer to get exactly the amount of blush I want. 

Do you have a new favorite beauty product? 

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