White Out

Do you follow the “no white before Memorial Day” rule? Me neither; I’ve been wearing white all year long. I love white tops and white bottoms, but wearing white from top to bottom can be challenging.

Button-up: Gap Outlet; skirt: Gap; belt: Loft; sandals: Mia via 6pm.com

I wanted to try to make it work, however, for this week’s Rock the White Friday’s Fancies on Long Distance Loving. For me, the key to wearing white on white is to break it up, either with color (as seen here) or neutrals. When I look past the wrinkles (a downfall of evening photographs) I like this white on white pairing. 

If you follow me on twitter or Instagram (I’m @shealennon by the way) you’ll see that I got a new camera: a Canon Rebel t3i! I’m so excited, and I can’t wait to mess around with it and learn all about it. It’s a bit overwhelming, but I have the summer to figure it out. I hope I can do it! 

These photos (taken by Aaron, my sweet photographer) were its first trial run. It was just on Auto setting but I think they turned out pretty well. For those of you with DSLR cameras, do you have any good resources for learning?

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