Neon Shorts, Dressed Up

If you haven’t already, be sure to visit the amazing Project Gadabout blog where this week I’m featured as a Glamorous Gadabout!

After I went a little buy-crazy in April and May, I’ve decided to make June a more frugal month. I’m not going to say I won’t buy myself anything, but I won’t try to convince myself I need every cute thing within a five-mile radius.

Blazer: Loft; t-shirt: Old Navy; shorts: Old Navy; necklace: Bauble Bar; belt: Gap; sandals: Target

I was pretty proud of myself when I went shopping with a friend yesterday and I didn’t buy myself a darn thing (clothing-wise). She went home with lots of cute clothes, and I left with a shower curtain, basil seeds, some wiffle balls, and a few tears over a skirt and a pair of shoes that I left behind. 

Outfit inspiration: this look from FabSugar

I cheered myself up by dressing up this blindingly neon pair of shorts with a blazer and my favorite dressy sandals. A sparkly necklace topped it off, and I was ready for a double dinner date. Beers were drunk, massive burgers were eaten, and fuchsia pencil skirts were (temporarily) forgotten.

I'm linking up to the Short + Sweet Friday's Fancies today at Long Distance Loving

Do you ever put yourself on a shopping “diet”? How do you resist the temptations? 

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