Nautical Stripes and Neon Pink

I had a pedicure for the first time in six years this weekend. Before you panic over the state of my feet, let me be clear that I give myself pedicures at home regularly. But going to a professional seems like such a luxury to me that I never can justify doing it.

Dress: Land's End Canvas; pearls: Loft Outlet; belt: Old Navy; sandals: Old Navy

However, my best friend is due any day now, and painting her own toes isn’t in the realm of possibilities. So I forced myself to join her, and now I think I may have started an addiction. When the lady put a hot towel on my legs (heavenly!) I started to think about ways to convince Aaron that a monthly pedicure is a must-have in our budget. 

I didn’t plan it that way, but my pink toenails perfectly coordinate with my outfit too. I love how neon pink looks with my new (purchased in May, so I still haven't shopped this month!) striped dress. 

Do you treat yourself to pedicures and manicures often? 

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