Heat Wave Dressing

I’m back today with another simple outfit. It’s so dang hot that I can’t even think about layers right now, so I’m breaking out this lightweight dress that will keep me from completely melting. I’m not sure why Kansas City decided to skip straight to August weather, but whatever the reason, I’m not a fan.

Dress: Target (similar); necklace: Dean Harris for Target; sandals: Old Navy (similar)

Yesterday we went to take pictures at this cute little cottage-turned office building near our house. It’s currently vacant and starting to look a little bedraggled, but I imagine with some upkeep it would be adorable. In my disposable-income dreams I’d open up a little clothing boutique there. 

Despite the heat, I plan to make the most of my weekend by enjoying the things that are best in this scorching weather: ice cream, white wine, and Frappuccinos (surprise, surprise, they’re all food and drink related).     

Is it hot where you live? How do you beat the heat? 

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