I Want a Mr. Beaumont!

Today is nautical day at Everybody Everywear. When I was thinking about what to wear, I couldn’t get the Friends episode where Joey buys the boat (the Mr. Beaumont of my title) out of my mind. So this is what I’d wear while sailing with Joey and Rachel. 

T-shirt: Old Navy; jeans: Loft; belt: Old Navy; shoes: American Eagle

For Teacher Appreciation Week, the principal at my school declared this week a “jeans week” much to the joy of the teaching staff. I love dressing up, but sometimes it’s nice to know that every day can be casual Friday. Well, at least the casual part. 

We also got breakfast yesterday morning, and one of my students got me a Starbucks gift card. I’ve been a little grumpy and stressed at school lately, but for the next eleven and a half days (yes, I’m counting down) I’m going to try my best and focus on the good stuff. 

Natilcal: EBEW

When you’re stressed at work, what keeps you going? 
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