Good Reads: Cost by Roxana Robinson

My Vegas vacation gave me something that I’ve desperately needed. No, it’s not a tan. (I did sit next to the pool… in the shade.) Instead, I finally got some quality reading time. I bet not everyone can say they got that out of a trip to Vegas, am I right?

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One book I finished before I left but haven’t had a chance to post about is Cost by Roxana Robinson. If you’re looking for a light, cheerful read, certainly don’t pick this one up. On the other hand, if you’re in the mood for an emotional, heart-wrenching story, this one fits the bill. 

It’s the story of Julia Lambert, an artist and college professor, who discovers her son Jack is struggling with a heroin addiction. Her life soon becomes all about saving Jack; meanwhile, Jack’s life spirals out of control and threatens to destroy everything and everyone in its path. 

I’m hoping that my cheerful mix of florals and stripes balances the depressing subject matter. Despite the fact that it's lacking in the feel-good-read department, Cost truly is a beautiful book. I had a hard time putting it down. 

Do you prefer books that lift your mood or those on the more serious side? 
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