Can't Live Without It

Before the school year started, I searched up and down for the perfect classic, long-sleeved white button down shirt. In my mind, it was a work wardrobe essential, and something I would wear all the time. I found it, and I’ve maybe worn it twice.

Chambray: Old Navy; pencil skirt: The Limited; earrings: self-made; belt: Old Navy; sandals: Mia

Around the same time, I snagged my chambray button-up shirt from Old Navy for around ten bucks, thinking, this chambray trend might pass so I don’t want to spend a lot of money on it. Yet the number of times I’ve worn it doesn’t even compare to that of the white button up. I’ve even considered buying a second chambray shirt since I wear this one so much.

To me, the lesson learned is that a list of wardrobe essentials isn’t necessarily universal. I’m glad I got a great deal on this shirt, but I shouldn’t have worried that chambray was a passing fad. I think, or at least I hope, that it’s here to stay.

I’m linking up this week to Chambray Season, this week’s Friday’s Fancies on Long Distance Loving.

What has become an unexpected essential in your wardrobe?

[Note: After I wrote this post yesterday, I went to the Madewell Style Session here in KC and bought another chambray. It's the exact one {av} has in her set today. I can't wait to wear it!]

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