Blinders Needed

I did a little shopping recently. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able to devote much time to this beloved hobby, but I’ve been squeezing in a few trips here and there. One was to Loft where I needed to use a birthday coupon before it expired, and another was to Target and Old Navy.

Jacket: Gap; top: The Webster at Target; jeans: Loft; sandals: Old Navy, gift (thanks Abby!) 

I found these pale pink jeans at Loft when I was looking for a white pair. It’s funny how I always find so many things I didn’t know I needed, but never the thing I need right when I’m looking for it. I’m really happy I bought these jeans though, the soft color makes them very versatile. 

At Old Navy, I was on the hunt for a maxi dress, but instead walked away with several things (that I'll show off later), none of them being a maxi dress. And at Target, once again I was there for groceries and got sidetracked by the Webster display. 

Needless to say I’m still searching for a pair of white jeans and a maxi dress. If I find them I’d better either order online or put on blinders when I go to the store. 

Do you get sidetracked easily when you go shopping? 
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