Dinner Tonight: Chicken Breast with Lemon and Thyme

I know I recently raved about the deliciousness of a bone-in chicken breast, but the dinner I made last week served as a reminder not to ignore its boneless skinless counterpart.

This Lemon Thyme Chicken, from Annie’s Eats, was perfectly juicy and flavorful. The chicken is lightly coated in flour and sautéed in olive oil, and topped with a pan sauce of white wine, thyme, lemon juice, and garlic. Pan sauces made with white wine and lemon juice never fail to make me very happy.

I accompanied this dish with the Garlic Rice Pilaf, also from Annie’s Eats. I admit I didn’t have quite as much success with this recipe. For me the rice came out slightly overcooked, so if I made it again I would definitely need to adjust the cooking time. One thing I wouldn’t change, however, is the not-too-strong not-too-subtle garlic flavor.

What’s on your dinner table tonight?  
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