Today is Friday the 13th! If that doesn’t bring out the crazy in junior high kids, I don’t know what will. Good thing Fridays usually go by pretty fast. This has been a short week for me anyway; Wednesday I treated myself to a day off. I had some things I needed to get done, plus I need to use up my paid time-off days since I’m running out of time.

Blazer: Loft; blouse: Loft; jeans: thrifted Gap; earrings: self-made; belt: Loft; oxfords: Target; Inspiration: this post from Eat, Sleep Denim

One of the fun things I did (other than eating a DQ Blizzard for lunch) was make some cute wood painted earrings. I saw the tutorial recently on one of my favorite blogs, In Honor of Design. They were so fun to make I just kept trying different colors. So now I have a bunch of colorful new earrings to wear! 

I can’t say I’m the craftiest person in the world, but I’m trying to get better. I’m hosting a baby shower for my best friend next month, and my goal is to make a few of the decorations (possibly a tablecloth like this?). I know I can’t go from 0 to Martha in 30 days, but a girl can try!

Do you do a lot of DIY projects, or are you more of a craft novice, like me? 
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