Butt-Kicking Peep

Today I’m challenging my creature-of-habit self and breaking my “Dinner Tonight Tuesday” routine for the sake of Everybody, Everywear. (Or it could be due to the fact that I haven’t done a lot of cooking lately. But we’ll go with the former; it sounds better.)

Cardigan: Loft; leopard blouse: Old Navy (scored for $10 this weekend!); jeans: Gap; shoes: Naturalizer

This month’s EBEW challenge was pastels. I confess I did a mental head slap when I thought about last week’s all-about-my-love-for-pastels post. I mean, can I really come up with more to say about all things Jordan Almond-hued? 

Well, the answer is, yes, I suppose I can. Not only do I like pastels paired with black and bold colors, but I’m also a fan of adding leopard print to a pastel look. To me, it says, I may look like a marshmallow Peep, but I bet I could kick your ass. Or something like that. 

Earrings: Kohl's; nail color: Revlon's Minted

For even more pastel-hued goodness, be sure to check out Everybody, Everywear

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