After a few weeks of summer-like temperatures, it’s starting to feel more like spring. I’m happy with the change; I love spring weather, but sometimes it’s tricky to get dressed for the fluctuating temperatures. The key, to keep from freezing in the morning and overheating in the afternoon, is layering.

Chambray button-up: Old Navy; skirt: Loft; flower pin: Target, possibly; tank top: Old Navy; belt: Loft; shoes: Target

I have enough cardigans to clothe a small (but stylish) army, but I could really use more blazers in my layering arsenal. I hope to do some spring shopping fairly soon, and a new blazer is definitely on my “must-buy” list. I have my wishlist narrowed down to: a navy blue blazer, a bright blazer, and a pastel blazer. Unless I find some sort of mega-sale, I’ll only come home with one blazer, but I like having some options to choose from.

I felt like my outfit today was missing something, so I threw on my flower pin at the last minute. However, I think a bright pink blazer would have made an even better addition, and I would have been a lot warmer this morning.

If you were going to add another blazer to your closet, which would you go for: classic navy, fun bright color, or sweet pastel? 
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