Wishlist Wednesday: Color Love

When I bought this skirt from a thrift store about a year ago, it was because I was drawn to the colors. This mixture of navy blue, turquoise, and yellow is still one of my favorite combinations. 

Trench: Gap Outlet; t-shirt: Gap Outlet; skirt: thrifted Ann Taylor; necklace: Bauble Bar; belt: Target; shoes: Nine West

That’s why when I came across these Chinese Laundry Milk Shake Sandals in a similar color combination, I immediately added them to my wishlist. No, I don’t really need them, and at $80 they’re a little over my budget. But I will be keeping my eye on them in case they go on sale.

By the way, that necklace I’m wearing is the Bauble Bar beauty that I featured on my first Wishlist Wednesday post! It finally came back in stock, so I picked it up as a little I-didn’t-go-anywhere-for-spring-break-so-I-should-buy-myself-a-present present. You like? 

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  1. The colours in your skirt are very spring, great thrift store find :)


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