Stripes, Sparkle and Sleeping In

Every Friday is a great Friday, as far as I’m concerned. But this one is even better because I get to sleep in just a little. We don’t have students today, so our meetings start later than the normal school day. Sleeping in past five is always a treat—I wish it could happen more often!

Sweater: Old Navy; cords: Loft; earrings: made by Aaron's aunt Mary; belt: Loft; shoes: Toms

I’m blog-debuting my first pair of Toms today (I real-life-debuted them Wednesday). Everyone is right about how comfortable they are; I can tell they’re going to get lots of wear. They were a big hit with the students too: I got lots of “Madame, you have Toms?” which made me laugh. Students are always surprised if I like something they like. 

This sweater is another recent Old Navy purchase. I seem to have an Old Navy problem as of late. But I’ve been wanting more green and blue, and when I saw this sweater for only $10 my “no more sweater buying now that it’s nearly spring” willpower crumbled. Not that it takes much.

Tell me, what’s making your Friday great? 
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