Dinner Tonight: Pork Chops with Red Wine and Garlic

I usually do my dinner posts on Tuesday, but this week I’m changing up the schedule a little bit because of Everybody, Everywear tomorrow. Or it’s possible my schedule is off because of the evil daylight savings, Spring Forward. I wish we could always fall back; that’s the best one.

Anyway, I’ll stop the whine so I can talk to you about wine. Pork chops with red wine and garlic sauce, that is. This is a Pioneer Woman recipe, so of course it’s delicious. It’s easy enough to make on a weeknight, and the pork chops are packed with flavor. I used bone-in chops since they were on sale, but I’m sure any cut would work beautifully. 

I served these with mashed potatoes made with butter and sour cream. If you’re feeling less indulgent, you could make a healthy green salad. Or if you really feel like living on the edge, you could do both! 
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