Decisions, Decisions

I usually keep it pretty lighthearted around here, but I just made a big decision and I can’t help but share. After a year at my current teaching job, I’ve decided to leave. This may seem like a hasty decision, since a year is short in the grand scheme of things. However, I feel strongly that it’s the right one.

Cardigan: thrifted Old Navy; dress: Target; necklace: Bauble Bar; belt: Forever 21; sandals: BC Footwear

Although I’ve met some amazing, inspiring people and some wonderful students, I’ve known for a while now that teaching isn’t quite right for me. Could I do it for another year? Yes, I know that I could, and that a second year at the same school would be less stressful. But I’d be doing it for the wrong reasons: the steady income, the summer vacation, the fear of entering the job market (again). 

Therefore in May, I’m officially hanging up my hat as a junior high French teacher. What’s next? I’ll be job hunting like crazy, mostly in the business world. If I don’t find anything this summer, I’ve already called the district I substitute taught in last year and they said they’d hire me back. I liked substituting (as a short-term job) and it will give me the flexibility to continue my job search. 

So, do you think I’m crazy, or have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? 
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