I Don't Have the Blues, But I Want Them

Yesterday went about like I thought it would: very slowly. The first day back after a long weekend is always rough. Since we missed parent teacher conferences last Monday due to the snow day, we’re making them up this week, making the short week feel very long.  

Button-up: Gap; sequin tank: J. Crew; cords: Loft; shoes: Naturalizer

This week, I’ve been daydreaming about getting a shot of cobalt blue into my wardrobe. It’s a color that looks good with so many others: neon shades, black, camel, red, you name it. However, it’s a color that I have very little of in my closet.

Although I’d take cobalt in just about any form right now, what I’m really craving is a pair of pants or jeans. I love that they could take the place of my regular, worn-to-death, skinnies in a variety of outfits. They could also easily be swapped with a pair of slacks (like the cords I’m wearing today) for a brighter, more casual look.  

Do you have any cobalt in your closet? 
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