Double Double

So, my husband is a huge sports nut. Most of the time I’m sitting at the computer while he’s watching a game, but from time to time I’ll join him. Unless it’s my alma mater K-State playing, I’m generally uninterested in the game, and therefore need to find ways to entertain myself.

Chambray shirt: Old Navy; floral-print shirt: Old Navy; skirt: Target; earrings: Kohl's; boots: Mia via DSW

Often all it takes to amuse me are players’ names or all the sexual innuendos the announcers make. (Yes I’m immature. I teach eighth and ninth graders all day, what do you want from me? But penetrating the end zone, come on!) Anyway, sometimes it’s the sports terminology itself that makes me chuckle. 

For some reason, the basketball terms “double double” and “pick and roll” have always made me laugh. I have no idea why. At one point in my life, I knew what these terms meant too, but they seem to have left my brain, much like important dates in world history and how many teaspoons make a tablespoon. 

This may be a bizarre tangent, but I was stuck on the word “double” because of the layered button ups. Then it all went downhill from there. Since I’m wearing two button-up shirts, do you think this counts as a fashion “double double”? I sure hope so. Just wait until you see my “pick and roll” outfit.

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