Dinner Tonight Tuesday: Waffle Time

While I was in Quebec, one of the places we visited was a “sugar shack”, where they made their own maple syrup. I’m glad I planned to check my luggage, because there was no way I was leaving without a jug of that sweet, maple goodness. Naturally, I wanted to have breakfast for dinner as soon as possible.

I decided to make my mom’s waffle recipe and fry up some bacon. These waffles may take a bit longer to make than the frozen variety, but boy are they good. They’re light and fluffy, perfect for soaking up that maple syrup. For a printable recipe go here.

[Funny story: So, when we crossed the border, a customs officer asked if I purchased anything while in Quebec. I listed off a few items, one of them being a shot glass. He asked if I bought anything to put in it. My reply: “Maple syrup?” I got a chuckle out of that. Syrup shots, anyone?]

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