Dinner Tonight: Garlic Lime Pork Tenderloin with Spicy Creamed Corn

Blog note: I’ve decided to go back to posting food and outfits separately—I think I’ll get more food posts in this way, and I think combining the two was a good idea in theory but not in practice.

The Type A planner in me loves a schedule, so I’m going to play around with some weekly blog schedules. I hope that this will help me not only to stay organized, but also help me focus on the content that is important to me (and you!).

So, to kick off this newfound scheduling, I bring you “Dinner Tonight Tuesdays”. (Yes, the name could use some work…) For dinner on Sunday, I made this cumin and lime roasted pork tenderloin with spicy creamed corn. The recipe was from one of my favorite cookbooks: Rachael Ray’s 365: No Repeats.

The pork tenderloin is rubbed with cumin, coriander and lime juice, studded with garlic cloves, and then roasted in a 500 degree oven. The corn is cooked with garlic (yes, more garlic), diced jalapeno or Serrano pepper, and a mixture of heavy cream and chicken stock. My husband, a professed creamed corn hater, even cleaned his plate!

For a printable recipe, go here

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