Black, White, No Dinner Tonight

Today is Black and White Day from Everybody Everywear. Having lots of black and white in my closet, I knew I couldn’t go wrong with this one. In fact, I have so much black and white that I could probably do black and white week if I really wanted to.

Sweater: Target; jeans: Loft; glitter belt: Loft; shoes: Merona, Target

I thought about doing a purely black and white look, but after playing around with different looks involving this sweater, this is the one I liked best. It’s mostly black and white, with a side of leopard, denim, and sparkle. 

Be sure to check out other black and white inspirations at Everybody, Everywear.

Black + White | Everybody, Everywear

Last week I promised to bring you dinner (not literally, despite some strange catering order emails I’ve received recently) on Tuesdays, but due to a severe case of the Mondays yesterday, dinner last night was courtesy of KFC.

However, although I know it won’t take the place of a new recipe, I’ll share the oldie-but-goodie that we ate for dinner on Sunday. Despite the strangely warm weather, I was in the mood for soup, so I made this Baked Potato Soup that I first shared with you all in January of last year. It tasted just as delicious this time around!  
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