Pour le nouvel an [For the new year]: The theme for this week’s Friend Friday is New Year’s Resolutions. Like the rest of the world I’m sure, I always start out the year with the best of intentions. Then somewhere along the line I just sort of give up. Yet I continue to make new resolutions year after year. Hmm, isn’t that the definition of insanity? 

Sweater: Talbot's; shirt: Gap; cords: Gap; earrings: Kohl's; oxfords: Target

In hopes that I’ll actually stick to them this year, I’m going to keep my list of resolutions short and manageable.

1. No more pinning and forgetting! In 2012 I will actually make the DIY ideas I pin on Pinterest, at least one every month.

2. Get in shape! In 2012 I will get back into the habit of working out regularly. I waste money every month I don’t go to the Jazzercise classes that I’m already paying for.

3. Learn. Blog. Grow. In 2012 I will work to improve my blog and increase its readership. There are so many excellent blogging resources out there—I just need to take a little time each week to utilize them. Also, my goal is to increase the average number of posts I write per week, from three to four, with at least one of those posts being a food post. Lately I’ve slacked off quite a bit in the food blogging department—that needs to change.

What are your New Year's Resolutions? 

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