Daydreaming of a Nice Warm Bed

La mode: It’s cold. It’s dark out at five in the evening. These two things make me want to go to bed at about eight o’clock, and they make me want to get up about never. I pretty much want to spend as much time as possible cuddled up under sheets and blankets. 

Jacket: Converse One Star for Target; dress: Target; earrings: Charlotte Russe; scarf: Merona, Target; tights: Merona, Target; boots: Franco Sarto, Macy's

Unfortunately, I can’t do that all day. So to stay cozy at work, I wrapped up in a scarf and one of my favorite jackets, made of soft knit. It may not have been as comfortable as PJs, but I stayed nice and toasty.

Well, now that it's finally Friday, I can look forward to lingering a bit longer under the covers tomorrow morning. I can't wait! 

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