Confessions of an Outfit Klepto

La mode: Yes, this is yet another look I thieved from Pinterest. Lately I’ve lacked both sleep and creative resources. (Is it possible that the latter is due to the former? Hmm.) Anyway, I’m not sorry about the theft, as I love how this outfit turned out.

Blazer: thrifted Express; blouse: Banana Republic Factory; jeans: Gap; cowl scarf: Loft; pumps: Naturalizer (By the way, these are hands down the most comfortable pumps I own. Naturalizer for the win!)

I’ve had both this blazer and the blouse in my closet for over a year now, and I hadn’t before thought to pair them together. Adding the cowl scarf ensured that I stayed warm all day. I added another one of these cowls to my Christmas list this year; I really hope I get it!

I just have to make it through two days of work this week, and judging from how crazy the kids were last week, two days will be plenty! 

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