Interview with Jess of StyleSays

I recently heard about an online shopping community called StyleSays, a website that to me seems like Facebook, Pinterest, and ShopStyle all rolled into one. It’s a fun way to window shop several different stores, alone or with friends, and then bookmark items you want to think about or purchase later. My favorite part is that you can bookmark an item and it will let you know when it goes on sale! How awesome is that? To see what items I’m loving right now, just visit myStyleSays profile.

I “met” the creator of StyleSays, Jess Lam, over email, and I asked her a few questions about this great site. I hope you take a minute to go check it out!

Shea:  So Jess, tell me a little about yourself.
Jess: My name is Jess and I run a fashion site called StyleSays with a couple friends. I'm originally from Oklahoma where I grew up on a farm. I moved to California for school about 5 years ago and decided I couldn't leave. Right now I'm living in San Francisco near the famous Haight Ashbury area with the other StyleSays founders. If you want to see what I'm shopping for check out my StyleSays profile ( 

S: Why did you create Style Says?
J: We've all been really interested in making online shopping much easier and social. After observing the way our friends shared clothing and outfits with each other through email and Facebook we knew that we could come up with a better solution for shopping online with your friends.  

S: What is the purpose of StyleSays, and how do I get started? 
J: We want people to feel confident about the things they buy but it's hard to know you'll love something when shopping online. We make it easy to compare lots of items from all of your favorite stores and ask the friends you trust for style advice. It's super easy to get started. 1) Visit and connect to Facebook 2) invite a few friends you like to shop with and 3) start adding clothes to your personal collections. Then you can share all of your favorite finds with your friends and view their collections too. 

S: What makes StyleSays stand out among other similar online communities (Go Chic or Go Home, for example)? 
J: Many other shopping networks start by building a shopping site and then throw on some social features (twitter, facebook, etc.). We did the opposite. We started by building a site specifically for real-life friends to shop together. This means we want you to have a much more intimate shopping experience with one or two friends that will help you pick out items you will really like. Other sites will have you broadcast your favorite items to large anonymous audiences. I rarely see anyone walk out of a dressing room with a dress on and ask everyone in the store what they think. Same goes for online, we don't send a couple different pairs of shoes to a hundred people. We send them to a couple close friends, because we trust and value their opinions. After all our friends might even know our style better than we do.

A gorgeous necklace I bookmarked. 

S: What are the perks of joining StyleSays?
J: The two biggest benefits of joining StyleSays are sales updates and shopping in real-time with friends. We check major shopping sites daily to update our pricing information so you will know if any of the items in your collection go on sale. So if you are waiting for that perfect winter jacket to go on sale just add it to your profile and we'll let you know when the price drops. You can shop all of the stores and clothing in real-time with your friends. We have a chatting feature similar to Facebook except it's really easy to see what the other person is viewing and add clothing to the conversation. This is great for planning outfits for events and trips with your friends. You can also send messages to your friends that are offline so no need to wait for them to be on at the same time. If you want any more info just check out this short video about StyleSays.

S: Just out of curiosity, what is your favorite fall trend? 
J: This is a tough one. It's a toss up between Mustard colors (specifically blazers) and bright colored pants. Since I don't own a mustard blazer yet I'll go with bright colored pants. 

Bonus Ugg Giveaway!
StyleSays is doing a major giveaway with Ugg just in time to protect your feet from the cold weather. Both you and a friend could win! It’s really easy to enter. Just 1) visit our our giveaway page and 2) choose the friend you want to win with.

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  1. Too cool. Love the statement necklace. My daughter sells bling.


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