Blue Leg Special

La mode: I’m pretty sure my legs matched my tights when Aaron was taking my picture today. I couldn’t stop moving around, which is why I only have one picture today. And even that one isn’t my favorite, but I couldn’t skip out on Everybody,Everywear’s colored tights day. 

Blouse: Gap; skirt: Loft; necklace: Target; belt: Loft; tights: Gap; shoes: Blowfish via Much Love, Illy giveaway

In reality, I didn’t get the “colored tights” memo until Monday night, after I’d already planned this outfit. It originally included black tights, but I swapped them out for this turquoise pair in honor of EBEW. They seemed a little random, so I threw on the turquoise necklace to tie everything together. 

Le dîner [dinner]: Roast chicken is such a comforting meal, and I love finding recipes for it that don’t require hours of preparation and waiting. This Skillet Rosemary Chicken from Pass the Sushi had all the flavor of a meal that took hours to prepare, but was surprisingly quick and easy to make.

What's on your menu tonight? 

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