B B Cute

Pendant le week-end [During the weekend]: For my step-mom Gail’s birthday over the weekend, my family went to a barbecue joint in the small town of Williamsburg, Kansas. Although we’re surrounded by good barbecue here in Kansas City, this restaurant, Guy and Mae’s Tavern, stands out. The ribs were falling-off-the-bone delicious. So good, I passed the point of fullness, and just kept right on going. 

Sweater: Banana Republic (scored on a great end-of-season sale last year!); jeans: Gap; belt: Old Navy; pumps: Naturalizer

I liked the outside of the restaurant too, with its simple sign and brick wall. I thought it would be a great outfit-photo location. My lipstick and belt even coordinate with the newspaper stand and neon sign. Was that great planning or what? 

Good thing we took these pictures before I devoured my half of a slab of ribs… I’m pretty sure the post-barbecue food coma pictures would not have been pretty! 

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