Greatest Hits

La mode: If I could gather up some of my favorite things right now, and put them all in one look, this would be it. First of all there are stripes and leopard, which are fabulous on their own, but put them together and (in the words of What Not to Wear’s Stacey London) shut up

Cardigan: Target (old); striped tee: Gap (also old); cords: Loft; shoes: Merona, Target; (inspired by this look of Meggy's from Chasing Davies)

Those two things would be good enough, but for me it gets even better when you add a cozy, thick cardigan and comfy yet polished corduroys. Add a funky but delicate necklace (my score from last weekend’s shopping expedition) to really gild the lily.

Necklace: Poppy Madison (I can't find a website, or I'd link to it)

So what are you gravitating towards right now? Other than the weekend, of course, which has finally arrived. I hope you have a good one!

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