Scattered Prints, Scatterbrain

So, my better judgement is telling me I should be in bed right now. However, I couldn't decide between blogging and visiting blogs today, which means I'm attempting to do both. Also, sometimes I forget that my post won't be live until morning, so my reference to going to bed doesn't make sense. When this posts, (at 8 am) I'll have been up for three hours already. 

T-shirt: Anthropologie; skirt: Loft; earrings: Le Mode Accessories via Selective Potential giveaway; sash: from Loft dress; shoes: Isaac Mizrahi for Target

Other random thoughts:

  • I signed up for the Indie Blogging E-Conference this year, which I'm really excited about. Unfortunately I haven't had time to read any of the posts yet. 
  • I just discovered the joy that is a book on CD. My 30 minute commute goes by in a snap, and my "I don't have time to read anymore" problem is solved. But it seems like cheating somehow.
  • My thoughts are as scattered as my prints today. Organization is usually something I'm good at, but apparently not at this hour.
  • Good night. Or good morning. Whatever time it is you're reading this, I hope it's good. (Please don't judge me by this post alone.) 

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