Pie Bribery

No clothes today, only pie. I figure if I'm going to be a slacker blogger this week, I'll at least bribe you to keep reading by giving you pie. Not real pie of course, because since I don't have time to write a lousy outfit post, I really don't have time to make and ship a bunch of pies. 

But hopefully you'll be appeased with a picture of pie, a link to a recipe, and a promise that if you make it yourself (or convince someone to make it for you), it will be delicious. 

Here's the recipe, from the blog Good Clean Fun. The only changes I made to the recipe were aesthetic: I used a pie pan instead of a tart pan (therefore making the crust less pretty and uniform) and I drizzled the ganache instead of spreading it (to try to make up for the ugly crust). Oh, and I did substitute Oreos for "chocolate wafer cookies" because what the heck are chocolate wafer cookies? They don't sound as yummy as Oreos do, that's for sure. 

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