Five Oh One

La mode: This week has been exhausting; I’m elated that it’s Friday. It’s been a roller coaster of a week, with many excitements but an equal number of frustrations. Obviously the highlight was meeting Bobby Flay, followed by the Criminal Minds season premiere. I’m not a big television watcher but for some reason (Dr. Reed, Derek Morgan) I’m a loyal Criminal Minds watcher. Also high on the list: reaching 500 posts Wednesday. So this baby is number 501. Woohoo! 

Shirt: Old Navy; cords: Loft; necklace: Francesca's, gift; pumps: Naturalizer

I won’t dwell on the frustrations, since that’s more of a Monday thing to do. For some reason, even the most annoying things don’t seem so bad when I have an entire weekend ahead of me. 

Now, on to the clothes. I got these corduroys recently at Loft, and they were on promotion for thirty percent off, plus an extra fifteen percent for my teacher discount. Score! I can tell already that they’re going to get a lot of wear this fall. So, have you scored any great deals recently? 

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