Print Mixin' in my Tar-jay Crew Skirt

La mode: I went to Target the other day for a few grocery and household needs and returned with a new skirt and a pair of pants. That’s the danger of Target. When I saw this skirt (on sale, yippee!) I prayed to the dressing room gods that it would fit. And it did… fifteen dollars later, this baby was mine.

T-shirt: Gap; skirt: Merona, Target (here for $26.99); earrings: thrifted; belt: Old Navy; pumps: Seychelles Password via DSW

Now I don’t mean to be presumptuous, but doesn’t it remind you a little of something J. Crew might make? It seems a bit J. Crew-ish to me, so I’ve informally dubbed it my Tar-jay Crew skirt. Get it? Har har. 

I wanted to wear my new find for today’s Everybody Everywear Mixed Prints day, so I paired it with a navy striped tee. I love the balance of the narrow stripes and large print. If it weren’t for this challenge, I probably never would have thought to pair this skirt with stripes. I love the way it turned out! 

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