Getting Dressed with Alexa, Cooking with My Sister

La mode: Today I’m participating in my first Inspiration Monday, created by the stylish girls at the blog Two Birds. The inspiration is the photo below (you know, the one that’s not me) of Alexa Chung.

Button-up shirt: Gap; dress: Forever 21; belt: Target; sandals: BC Footwear

I’ve wanted to wear my olive green button up as a jacket anyway, so this gave me the perfect excuse to try it. Besides, it’s way too hot for an actual jacket. In fact I only wore the button-up inside in church yesterday, where they have some sort of “freeze the congregation” policy.

Other than the olive jacket, my look isn’t much like Alexa’s, but I think that’s the fun of these challenges. I love using an inspiration photo as a jumping off point, and then making it my own from there. (Not that I don’t also enjoy being a complete copycat from time to time as well.)

La nourriture: Yesterday my little sister Jenny came over to bake something with me, then my dad and my step-mom Gail came over and joined us for dinner. Jenny and I made Martha Stewart’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars. (Actually Jenny did most of the work, I just helped a little.) They were a fun twist on chocolate chip cookies. If you make these though, I’ll warn you to check them WAY before you think they’ll be done. (It says bake 40 to 45 minutes, and I took these out at about 27 minutes in and they’re even a little too brown.)

For dinner, Jenny and I made Spanish Chicken with Sausage and Potatoes. She helped me every step of the way, from cutting up the sausages to zesting the orange. She’s turning into quite the chef!

Oven roasted chicken and potatoes is always a great Sunday dinner, and the addition of the spicy sausage, oregano and orange zest made it unique. I think everyone enjoyed it. The original recipe is from Nigella Lawson, but I found it through Food Gawker on the blog Life is Great.

If you’d like a printable recipe, just go here

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