Backpacks and Pencils, Meat and Potatoes

La mode: I realized today that I never got a chance to post my “back to school” outfit yet. Getting dressed every year to go back to school (whether it’s to teach or to learn) always takes me back to my childhood. Don’t you remember painstakingly going through your closet to find that perfect “first day of school” outfit?

Cardigan: Gap Outlet; blouse: Loft; skirt: Gap Outlet; necklace: Oh Sweetlee Me via Much Love Illy giveaway; belt: Old Navy; pumps: Naturalizer

I was one of those kids who always liked to dress up for the first day of school. And even if it was sweltering outside, I wanted to show off my new fall clothes. 

While I’m slightly more practical now, I still felt that same desire to dress up for my first day. (Although I admit that part of that desire stemmed from the fact that we were having our pictures taken.) Regardless of the reason, I think my childhood self approves!

I had to include this picture because it's so funny. My friends Jesse and Abby thought it would be fun to get in on the picture taking action. Aren't they cute?

La nourriture: Aaron got a smoker for his grill this summer, so he’s having fun experimenting with different recipes. This weekend he smoked some pork spare ribs, and they were mouth-wateringly delicious.

But that’s not what I’m here to talk about. Sorry, rib fans. That’s his domain, I didn’t really pay attention to what he did. (Only I know that it involved basting with a spray bottle, because I had to go buy one.) Anyway, I’m here to talk about potatoes.

More specifically, Red Potatoes with Bacon, Cheese and Cilantro. I got the recipe (via Food Gawker) from the blog Foodjimoto. She calls it potato salad, but it’s nothing like the potato salads I’ve ever had. The potatoes are served warm, and smashes, but just barely. The cheese melts slightly to combine the ingredients, and cilantro gives it some freshness. These potatoes were an excellent accompaniment to the ribs. This was a meal made for those meat and potatoes lovers (like my husband)!

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