Stylish Gals, Po' Boys

La mode: Whoa June, you went by way too fast! July, if you could just slow down the pace a little, that would be great. I know this weekend will fly by, (they always do, don’t they?) especially since it’s going to be another fantastic one.

T-shirt: Gap Outlet; maxi skirt: Old Navy; scarf as belt: Converse One Star for Target; watch: gift from mom and Jeff; sandals: BC Footwear

On the agenda: lots of celebrating. For one, it was five years ago today that Aaron and I tied the knot. That’s definitely cause for celebration! Additionally, a friend of mine throws a big 4th of July party every year (well, technically it will be on the 3rd of July this year), and who doesn’t love a good summer party? It’s especially nice when you don’t have to get up and go to work on Monday. 

La nourriture: A few nights ago I made shrimp po’ boys for dinner. Living in the Midwest, nowhere near the sea, I’m not sure “po’ boy” is an appropriate name for any sandwich involving seafood. I wanted to use large shrimp like the recipe called for, but those suckers are expensive! The little guys were on sale, so little guys it was. No need to become a po’ boy (or girl) yourself just to make dinner!

Anyhoo, that’s enough of me trying to see how many times I can use the word po’ in one paragraph. If you want to make a shrimp po’ boy too (which is basically just a fried shrimp sandwich) go here. Once again, this recipe is brought to you by Rachael Ray. 

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