Stripey and Scampi (No, those aren't two of the 7 dwarfs.)

La mode: This t-shirt is my “when in doubt, put this on” item. And it seems that I’m in doubt quite often, because I sure do wear it a lot! Today I wore it purposefully however, in an attempt to recreate this adorable nautical look

Stripey tee: Old Navy; jeans: Gap; earrings: Target; scarf as belt: thrifted; shoes: Jessica Simpson, gifted "new to me"

Lately I’ve been drawn to either looks with scarves as belts, or looks with knotted shirts or sweaters. I suppose that as long as I don’t run out of scarves, shirts or cardigans to belt or knot, I won’t be too boring of a two-trick pony.

La nourriture: For Aaron’s birthday on Tuesday, I made his favorite meal, shrimp scampi. (It didn’t seem to matter that he just had it when we went to the Cheesecake Factory, then again at Ricco’s, an Italian restaurant, when my mom came to town.) I can’t say that my meal was restaurant-worthy, but he did say “that was really good” about seventeen times, so I think he liked it.

When I’m looking for the best version of a classic recipe, I always trust Ina Garten (The Barefoot Contessa). Ina never lets me down, and this time was no different. The only thing I changed in her Linguine with Shrimp Scampi recipe was the pasta. The birthday boy requested thin spaghetti, or vermicelli (little worms—don’t you love that?) so I swapped that out for the linguine (little tongues—equally cute). 

So for me it's scarf belts and knotted tops, for Aaron it's shrimp scampi... what's your addiction right now?

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