Practice Makes Perfect, I Make Muffins

La mode: Today’s look is another outfit brought on by excess heat. Lightweight tee, check. Inappropriate for work skirt, check. I hope it cools down once I have to start dressing like a professional, or I’m going to be known as the “sweaty new French teacher”.

T-shirt: Hanes; skirt: Forever 21; necklace: Forever 21; belt: Loft; flats: Merona, Target

That’s enough whining for now. (Tomorrow is another day though.) In other news, we now have a piano. My dad had been keeping my family’s piano (my maternal grandmother’s to be exact) at his house, because my little sister had been taking lessons and we didn’t have room for it when we lived in our apartment. But now that she’s no longer playing the piano and we’re no longer apartment dwellers, the piano is now ours!

So today I rooted through a few boxes in the basement to try to find some music. I was successful in finding music, less successful in playing it! I played piano for over ten years, and I had hoped that it would just come back to me. Well, it didn’t. Not like I hoped anyway. I hear the voices of all my former piano teachers shouting at me to “Practice!!!” So Vonnie, Ms. Pearson, Lexi, Becky, and Mrs. Kennedy, (yes, I had five different teachers) I might do just that. 

La nourriture:  Aside from all the noise I made on the piano yesterday (I’m not even sure you could call it music) I also made muffins. Specifically, chocolate chip muffins; and they turned out much better than the piano playing. So at least I had that going for me.

I used my favorite recipe for chocolate chip muffins, which is from the Williams Sonoma Muffins cookbook. They’re light and fluffy, very chocolaty but not overly sweet. (Sound good? For the recipe go here.)

Chocolate chip muffins are by far my favorites. What’s your favorite kind of muffin? 

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