Mom Shorts?

La mode: Yes, the shorts streak continues. I got a little crazy though and busted out the purple pair. When I bought these I knew they were a few pleats away from being “mom shorts” (they look short in the photos, but they're pretty wrinkly--they looked longer this morning), but I felt like the cool color and simple style kept them out of the danger zone.

Blouse: Liberty of London for Target; shorts that would have looked better if photographed at the beginning of the day: Old Navy; earrings: NY & Co; belt: Loft; platforms: Mia via

Talking about “mom shorts” I feel there are two things I must say. One, I read several style blogs written by moms. They look quite chic and stylish in their shorts. Also, my mom looks pretty darn cute in her shorts too. So…maybe I should call them something different? I don’t want to unleash the wrath of moms everywhere.

Two, I’ve also seen a few bloggers wear the-shorts-formerly-known-as-mom-shorts and look amazing. Jentine of My Edit and Linda from Little Tin Soldier come to mind. Seriously, shorts I’d walk right past in a thrift shop they can style and look like they stepped right out of a magazine.

The fact that I’ve talked about nothing but mom shorts for this entire post leads me to believe the heat is starting to do funny things to my brain.

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