Mellow Yellow

La mode: Today is Yellow Day at Everybody, Everywear. Here in Kansas, the sun decided to participate in full force. As a result, we’ve been under a heat advisory all day. Thanks for being such a show-off, sun! 

Blouse: thrifted J. Crew; tank: Gap; jeans: Loft; espadrilles: NY & Co

Since I couldn’t out-yellow the sunshine, I decided to be a bit more subtle with the yellow. There are tiny yellow dots all over my blouse (which I couldn’t stop myself from knotting, oops!) and they coordinate with my favorite yellow espadrilles. 

You would think that yellow would bring happy, cheery things all day, but instead it did just the opposite. I lost my summer job. I was only going to be working there a few more weeks, so it’s not the end of the world, but it was still a disappointment. Business has been really slow lately, and since I was a temp, I was at the top of the “not needed” list. I suppose on the bright side, it means I’ll have more time for blogging.

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