The Dog Days are (almost) Over

La mode: I start my new job one week from tomorrow. My days of freedom are quickly dwindling. I keep trying to find a way to slow down the time, but nothing has worked so far. Actually, while I’ve enjoyed these few weeks of relaxation, I’m looking forward to starting work. I’ve spent the past two years going from classroom to classroom as a substitute, so it will be nice to have a classroom to call my own.

Blouse: Loft; skirt: Old Navy; sandals: Mia,

Well, I’m not going to get carried away with the job-talk. It’s still summer after all. And still hot. When I saw this summery look on Calivintage, I knew it would be perfect to recreate during these dog days. And I was right; other than maybe a bathing suit, nothing keeps you cooler on a hot day than cotton separates. (And of course, ice cream.) 

Are you ready for summer to be over, or could you stand a few more months of this heat?

Song: Dog Days are Over by Florence and the Machine (It was just too fitting; I couldn't help myself.)

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