Blogging Conundrums and Taco-Stuffed Shells

La vie d’un bloggeuse: [The life of a blogger] I’m not going to talk about clothes today, because a) not a lot of thought went into this look and b) I just read a great article on IFB that got me thinking.

The article, called “The Reality of Blogging While Working a Full Time Job” is such a relevant one for so many bloggers. While I have more time on my hands than usual right now, starting in a few weeks I will be beginning my first year as a full-time teacher. Free time, I imagine, will become pretty scarce.

Tank: Mossimo, Target; shorts: Loft; earrings: Charlotte Russe; belt: Gap; wedges: K-Mart

I started thinking about how this will change the way I approach blogging. Most days during the week, I commit several hours a day to blogging, and I love every minute of it. I read blogs (I follow or subscribe to close to 250 in Google Reader), leave comments on several of these blogs, respond to comments (either directly replying or visiting and commenting on each person who comments’ blog). In addition, I compose a blog post that usually includes a style portion and a food portion. I’m sure you can relate to how quickly blogging can consume your life! 

I want to be able to do it all: blog and be a part of the blogging community, be a great French teacher, cook dinner a few nights a week, work out, not to mention have some time left over for my husband, family, and friends. The question I’m struggling to answer is how can I maintain my sanity and get enough sleep while still feeling like I’m “doing it all”?

The only solution I’ve come up with is to readjust my blogging schedule: alternate days of reading/commenting on blogs and writing blog posts. I hate not posting every day, but I don’t think it will be possible. I suppose the reason I’m writing this is because I want to hear about how you fit it all in. Can you “do it all”? Do you feel that it’s necessary to post every day? What works for you?

La nourriture: I know I just blabbed your ear (or eyes?) off, so I’ll make this portion short and sweet. For dinner last night I made stuffed pasta shells. Rather than the typical Italian filling, these were taco-style shells, stuffed with a chili-seasoned ground beef mixture, topped with cheese and taco sauce. It may sound weird, but let me assure you these are worth a try! For a printable recipe, just go here.

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