Siam, Souvlaki, Etc., Etc.

Wearing: Monday, you’re back again so soon? You could have taken a little longer, I wouldn’t have been upset. I had a great weekend, the highlight of which was seeing The King and I at Starlight Theater, a local outdoor theater. I’ve loved that musical since I was little, and it took all the strength I had to hold myself back from singing along. But I managed to spare Aaron that embarrassment.

Blouse: Banana Republic Factory Store; jeans: Gap; belt: Loft; shoes: Target

This is what I wore to see the show. I know it doesn’t look very summery, but this weekend felt more like spring than summer. Actually, the weather was perfect to see an outdoor play; we really lucked out. 

Eating: For last night’s dinner, I did a bit of indoor grilling, which is the only kind of grilling I’m capable of. I leave the outdoor grilling to Aaron. I made Pork Souvlaki with Tzatziki Sauce, a recipe I found on the blog Patio Daddio BBQ. (Isn’t that the cutest name ever?) To go with it, I just cooked up some orzo and added lemon zest, parmesan cheese (I know, it’s not Greek), and parsley.

It was only recently I discovered the miracle that is Tzatziki Sauce. Sure, I’d heard of it before, but it never sounded appealing. Silly me, it’s delicious! So lately I’ve been experimenting with different dishes of the Greek variety as an excuse to eat Tzatziki on a regular basis. And this recipe is a winner, both for the pork and the delectable cucumber sauce.
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