Red Cords and Red Sauce

La mode: Yesterday morning I played a fun game while I was getting dressed. Here’s how it went: first, I prepared by skipping my workouts for a week, going to the Cheesecake Factory (bonus points!), and eating more than my fair share of junk food throughout the weekend. Then, I put on my skinniest pair of red cords, because apparently I’m a masochist. I was only uncomfortable for the first few minutes… thank goodness for fabrics with stretch!

Blouse: Loft; cords: Gap, gift; necklace: Kohl's; flats: Merona, Target

I have not been able to make my regular workouts lately, and it’s starting to show. Not only have my clothes been feeling a little tight, but I notice I don’t have as much energy as I do when I work out regularly. It’s driving me crazy, but until someone finds a way to put more hours in the day, I’m not sure I have a solution. Does anyone have any tips for fitting workout classes (at specific times) into a busy schedule?

La nourriture: Speaking of busy, lately I don’t have time for complicated cooking. (Not that much complicated cooking goes on around here anyway.) I love meals that require few ingredients and little hands-on time. This dinner of penne pasta with Italian sausage tomato sauce was just that.

I’m not even going to include a recipe, because it’s too easy! Just brown up the sausage, add some garlic, then add tomato sauce or crushed tomatoes. (I always add a little Italian seasoning to my tomato sauces too, for extra flavor.) Then let it simmer for as long as you want while you cook the pasta and make whatever side(s) you want. I slaved away rolling up crescent rolls from a can. (Don't judge me... that chubby Pillsbury Dough Boy knows what he's doing!) 

My mom (who I haven't seen since March!) is coming to visit tonight, so if my blogging is sporadic the rest of the week, forgive me. I'm just enjoying some time with my mamma! 

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