Pink, Orange and Paprika Chicken

Wearing:  I finally decided to bust out of the jeans rut, and risk the “what are you so dressed up for?” stares of my casually-clad co-workers. As it turned out, no one even noticed, which was exactly what I wanted. While I may have broken free of the jeans rut, but one thing I can’t seem to break is this orange and pink habit. I really am addicted to these two colors!

Dress: Target; earrings: LeMode Accessories c/o Selective Potential giveaway; orange sash belt: from Loft dress; bronze sandals: Gap

Eating: This has been a busy week, so I haven’t had much time to make dinners. (Or blog, as it seems.) However, I got off work early the other night, so I was able to actually cook something. I made Smoked Paprika Chicken with Egg Noodles from Rachael Ray’s Book of 10 cookbook. For the recipe, go here.

This meal was very quick to make, which made it perfect for a weeknight. It was also a nice departure from all the junk food I’ve been eating lately. (The junk food, plus lots of sitting at a desk at work, combined with skipped workouts have not made this week a very healthy one.)

I’ve been working on this post since Thursday night, and it seems like I only get a sentence in each day. I must admit that it’s been because I’ve been busy having fun this weekend and not because I’ve been working so hard that it’s taken me until Sunday to finally finish. But hopefully next week I'll be back to my regular posting (and reading) schedule. I get a little crazy when I go too long without blogging or reading blogs! 

Anyway, I hope you're having a great weekend!
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